Ipsy December 2018 Reveal!

Hello everyone, I am back with the ipsy December 2018 Glam Bag, and…boy do I have some thoughts. 

What’s coming in my Glam Bag!

So as you can see…there’s something pretty similar here. Two actually. According to My Subscription Addiction, every glam bag subscriber is getting that F.A.R.A.H brush, but here’s where I’m kind of mad. I’m already getting a blending brush!! (I don’t even have brushes marked on my profile, mind you. I got tired of them) 

The other thing you may notice is…the purple. I am not happy about how much purple there is. I’m done with purple eyeshadows, and that light thing…it says it’s a highlighter but I feel like it’s gonna be a browbone color for me. 

The only things I’m really excited about is the clay mask (I need something for that Disney Hangover, duh!) and the Ciaté Glitter Flip. I love berry colors lately, and I’ve been wanting to try some more glossy and fun lip items.

The bag is cute, I wish there was a silver version as I’m not much of a gold person with cool undertones. Gold just isn’t my thing. It’s still cute and clearly holiday, it’s just not a color I absolutely love. 

I took the liberty of doing something kind of fun, and I want to know what you think of it. What my dream bag would be! I did leave the F.A.R.A.H brush in there since I don’t exactly get a choice in it. 

I chose to do this, and I actually encourage you to do this as well, to make a point. That this service is not 100% personalized to you, and ipsy needs to know this. Don’t go crazy with it, just skim through and say…what speaks to me?

I chose a pink-toned jelly highlight because I love the idea, and I’ve also been really liking pinky highlight. This could go with the pink blush on my profile. 

The lipstick is more of a vampy color, as much as I’m curious about Ciaté. I would love someone that loves the brand to have it more, as I personally love indie brand lipsticks. 

I left the clay mask in because this is the thing I’m really excited to see and try. I love skin care, I love masks like this. Wash off masks are one of my favorite things to get, especially clay formulas.

I chose nail polish because I have shown interest to ipsy about Trust Fund Beauty, but I never receive them. I’ve reviewed every indie nail polish I’ve gotten extremely well because I actually love indie formulas more. I thought having dark and adventurous would be good enough for me this month, and I guess I was wrong.

The last thing is a pan of blush, now I picked this one because I have had blush on my profile for a while now, but I never receive them. I’ve seen as of late the single blush pans from ipsy have been…well interesting. Whether it be hot pink, a red tone or even more purple. I thought maybe it was a good choice because I do have every color of blush marked, I’m just curious about blush colors for my costume makeup looks. 

So that is my December Glam Bag!

Let me know down below what you think of the “dream bag” concept. What did you get in your Glam Bag? Excited for anything specific? Angry you got double items, or getting any add ons? Let me know down below and stay tuned for more!


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